Here is some helpful information from the ADSHG about being prepared if you fall ill enough to require hospital treatment. We hope you'll stay safe and well but we do recommend planning ahead.

4 Things to prepare so that you have important items with you if you need to go into hospital:

1. Register with your local paramedics

If living in the UK, register with your local ambulance trust.

2. Make up a hospital bag:

Prepare a hospital bag with:

  • A change of clothes
  • completed NHS Steroid Card
  • hospital folder with your key information in and/or ADSHG leaflets, spare medication, a recent prescription, a small amount of money. This can then be picked up and taken there easily by you, your carer or patient advocate.

3. Find and train up your own patient advocate:

Talk to your family and friends about the support and treatment you need from them if you are too unwell to speak for yourself. Make a plan. You could use our Personal Emergency Plan.

Ask your advocate to view and keep safe the following useful materials about emergencies:

ADSHG Emergency Advice page

Sick Day Rules

ADSHG COVID-19 Guidance

4. Update your Endocrinologist/Endocrine Nurse and GP on your needs

Contact your healthcare professionals and ensure they are:

  • Aware of your condition, the importance of timing of medication
  • Aware of the importance of allowing you as a patient to retain your medication if you are admitted into hospital. Hospital dispensing times on wards may not align well with a patient's usual medication management schedule. Some Trusts have medication self-administration policies that allow patients to self medicate so do ask about this.
  • Aware of any concerns you have about going into hospital - they may be able to advise and reassure you.