Join us on Sunday 29th May for Addison's Disease Day 2022!

We're asking everyone around the world affected by Addison’s disease and adrenal insufficiency to join us to celebrate Addison’s Disease Day. 29th May would have been John F Kennedy’s birthday. The US President managed his Addison's disease and other autoimmune conditions in secret. It’s our fourth #AddisonsDiseaseDay. This year’s theme is ‘Don’t wait, educate’.

We can't make #AddisonsDiseaseDay a success without you. Every share, every challenge started, every penny donated helps. Together we will help improve the lives of those with Addison's disease and adrenal insufficiency. 

Here are seven ways you can get involved:

#AddisonsDiseaseDay – share & educate

You don't have to wait till 29th May to use the hashtag #AddisonsDiseaseDay. It helps raise awareness of the day and encourages people to join in. Use the hashtag when sharing your story online. It shines a light on how people affected by Addison’s disease and adrenal insufficiency are feeling right now and raise awareness of the big day. 

We want to hear your experiences of an adrenal crisis. And what you learnt from it so that we can share it with others. Your experience could help someone avoid one through early intervention. 

You can also share our free publications, educational materials and social media posts. If you’ve plans to feature Addison's Disease Day in your publication, podcast or blog - get in touch and we can support your feature. 

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Fundraise or start a challenge of your own!

Your donations help raise much needed awareness of this rare condition. Just £5 could help teach someone about symptoms and potentially save their life. So how can you help? Why not use your social media to start a Facebook fundraiser (click here) or take up a fundraising challenge! And if you get in touch with us, we’ll send you a charity top to wear during your fundraiser. 

Fundraising Ideas


Know someone quick on their feet or are you ready for a running challenge? We have 5 places at the Great South Run 2022, taking place on Sunday 16th October 2022 in Portsmouth. 

Sign up for the Great South Run 2022

If you're a healthcare professional or Endocrine Nurse, why not set up an awareness stall in your hospital to help educate your colleagues on this rare condition and the needs of a steroid-dependent person. Get inspiration from the endocrinology team at East Sussex Healthcare Trust pictured above! Please get in touch so we can support your awareness campaign.

#ShareYourKit campaign

We’re urging people across the world to share pictures of their hydrocortisone emergency injection kit. It's important to talk about kits and educate those close to us. Everyone living with Addison's or adrenal insufficiency should have access to an emergency hydrocortisone injection kit to use in the case of adrenal crisis. Immediate action could save their life. 

We understand some people are unsure on how to store their emergency injection kit, fall out of the habit of keeping their kit with them at all times or are scared of needles so reluctant to use their kit. 

So we need you to help us normalise this potential scary situation. From the garden to your daily exercise – we want to see your kits in action. And living your life alongside this vital support. Get your kit and extra tablets out of the cupboard and keep them close.

Submit your #ShareYourKit to us to share or snap a photo and post on your own social media using the hashtag #ShareYourKit (making sure to tag the ADSHG charity social media accounts too!) 

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Stand out on Social Media

Show you support by adding an Addison's Disease Day Twitter Twibbon to your profile. As the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words! We also have some special GIFs coming for Addison’s Disease Day to help you raise awareness on your Instagram Stories - stay tuned to find out more! 

And of course don't forget to use the hashtag #AddisonsDiseaseDay so we can see your posts and share them too! 

Let’s talk about being prepared #AddisonsQA

We’re running a Twitter chat on Addison's Disease Day, talking about how people with Addison’s and adrenal insufficiency can stay safe and be prepared in an emergency. Join us to get the conversation flowing with our expert panel and answering your questions. 

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Promote our Research Grants

We offer four annual research grants each year. These fund vital research into Addison’s disease, steroid-dependency, adrenal insufficiency, adrenal crisis and patient safety. We’re currently researching an epi-pen style emergency injection and using technology to reduce the duration of the diagnostic odyssey that so many of us experience. What would your research project be? With grants up to £10,000 on offer, find out more and apply here. 

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Make our voice stronger - join our charity

As a member, you’ll receive expert information put together by our medical panel, the latest medical news alongside experiences shared by others living with Addison’s and adrenal insufficiency in our magazine and private online forum. 

We're here to help you live better with Addison’s day in, day out and your support through membership directly helps us achieve this. 

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Thank you for showing your support for Addison's Disease Day! We'd like to share your Addison's Disease Day posts and campaigns so do get in touch on social media, or send us your stories.

For press and media enquiries, please visit our Media Centre for more resources.