Once again, we took our Annual General Meeting (AGM) online whilst we allowed members to adjust to the changing pandemic roadmaps and implications.

We took this opportunity to run a mini conference alongside the AGM, including Q&As with our medic trustees, group sessions on emergency injections, emotional wellbeing and exercise as well as hearing updates from the ADSHG team on the last year and aims for the next.

From research updates to stories from the Addison's community, we hope you enjoy watching recordings of our annual ADSHG event! Please note this is a members-only collection, so if you aren't already, please sign-up as a charity member to access it.

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Alongside the official business of our charity's AGM, we welcomed two Endocrine Consultant Specialists who presented on:

  • Dr Helen Simpson - Understanding the basics of Addison's disease.
  • Dr Georgina Russell - Managing Addison's in the future: "Can we re-think glucocorticoid replacement". Dr Russell will be discussing her research into novel techniques to monitor cortisol levels continuously whilst carrying out everyday activities. Through improving our understanding of normality and characterising the pitfalls of current treatment options we can devise new personalised treatment strategies for glucocorticoid replacement.  

We'll also had three breakout sessions where members talked in smaller groups with:

  • Professor John Wass, discussing exercise and adrenal insufficiency.
  • Dr Steve Kell, discussing emotional wellbeing and balancing stress with adrenal insufficiency.
  • Lisa Shepherd, who'll be helping you prepare and practise with your hydrocortisone emergency injection.

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