Drug Shortage Causes and Coping Strategies for people with Addison's Disease

Confused or worried about drug shortages? Here’s our ADSHG Guide to causes and coping strategies. Read more

Magazine - Winter 2019

Welcome to our latest members' magazine - available for download now! It's 24 pages packed with news, views and advice from the Addison's community - to the Addison's community. Read more

ADSHG Member News

Catch up on all the ADSHG Member news. Gathered from our email news alerts, social media feeds, website and more. It's your bitesize update on all the recent Addison's and ADSHG news. Read more

Newly diagnosed? We are here to help.

Are you newly diagnosed with Addison's Disease or adrenal insufficiency? We are here to help. Read more

The Emergency Injection for the treatment of Adrenal Crisis

Understanding what an Emergency Injection kit is, how to inject and how important it is to use the injection during an Adrenal Crisis. Read more

Coping with…your GP practice

Jane Hodgkin discusses how to build a positive working relationship with your GP to manage your condition effectively. Read more

Addison's Disease: Advice for Dentists

The ADSHG surgical guidelines offer illustrative guidance for major and minor dental procedures. It is important to recognise the physical stress of any invasive dental procedure and to ensure that adequate glucocorticoid cover is provided for steroid-dependent patients. Read more

Thanks! Direct debit request received

Thanks so much for providing direct debit details for your membership! Read more

A-Z of Addison's Resources

We've put together an A-Z of the really useful information and resources available on our website. Have a browse! Read more

How to stay on top of exercise

Whether you are looking to improve your fitness or regularly engage in sports, Dr Rob Andrews offers some instructive advice on medication for exercise. Read more

Members' travel tips

Our members share their top tips for managing Addison's so you can enjoy travel and holidays - even when the unexpected happens. Read more

Making the most of the holidays: tips and reminders

When travelling away from home, it’s best to be well prepared for possible emergencies before you go, so you can relax and enjoy your trip with the knowledge that you have thought of just about everything that could – and hopefully won’t – go wrong. Read more

So just how do you tell your family & friends...

How do you tell your family & friends that you have Addison's Disease? Read more

Words for feeling better - or worse

We explore how the words and phrases we use influence our mood and outlook, and how to explore ways of reshaping the descriptions you give to your medical condition/s and your identity. Read more

Coping with... psychological stress

We explain why more hydrocortisone may be required to cope with emotional or psychological stress and outlines some general techniques to reduce stress and improve well-being. Read more

Reducing the stress of a long-term condition

How can we manage any stress or anxiety that we experience as a result of living with a long-term medical condition? Read more

Getting Together - Our Members' Socials

Our charity supports a range of informal social meetings across the United Kingdom & Ireland. Come along! Read more