After the success of last year's Christmas card competition, we brought it back for 2020!

Thank you so much to everyone who entered! To decide the winners we put everyone's designs to the Addison's community, asking you to vote for your favourites! We're delighted to say the results are in (and on sale now!)

Congratulations and thank you to this year's winners Jennifer and Karen! We've also brought back 2019 winner Georgia with her Christmas Choir design due to popular demand! This gives you 4 beautiful designs to choose from, so a card for everyone on your list!

Now let us introduce you to the amazing people behind the designs!


Thank you Jennifer for your beautiful Meowy Christmas design! What made you enter you the ADSHG Christmas Card Competition? 

"I have Adrenal Insufficiency myself and the Addison's Disease Self Help Group have been invaluable to me and my family in providing support and information to help me live life to the full since my diagnosis just under 5 years ago. Usually, I do lots of running and did the London marathon a few years back to fundraise for the charity, but sadly this last year for me has seen my health decline and, due to some new gastro issues making my Addison's unstable, I have spent several months in hospital and had probably around 10 admissions of between 1 and 5 weeks each time. The Christmas card competition seemed like a good project to keep me occupied while I can't be as active as I normally am, is a different way to raise money and awareness for Addison's than my usual running and it put my graphic skills to good use (I work full time as an Architect)."

Tell us more about the inspiration behind your Meowy Christmas design!

"The story behind my "meowy Christmas" design was inspired by my gorgeous cat Mya. She is a Cat's Protection rescue cat who I met for the first time on Christmas Eve of 2016, not too long after my Addison's diagnosis, and took home four days later.

She was a poor soul back then who was absolutely terrified of everyone and everything, as you can see in the photo of her looking sad and scared in her pen in the rescue centre.

 When I took her home, she bonded with me remarkably quickly and is such a sweetheart. She follows me around, meows when I get home from work and plays with her toys like a kitten, despite being nearly 9 years old. She's now got a list of a few people close to me who she trusts and she has developed a cute and cheeky personality. Having Mya has kept me positive throughout even the worst of days with my health. I swear she knows when I am not feeling well as she tones down her usual playful behaviour and is happy to just curl up beside me. Not a day goes by when she doesn't do something to make me laugh. I couldn't have hoped for a better cat and I'm so grateful to Cat's Protection for rescuing her and giving me the privilege of adopting her.

 I was absolutely over the moon to hear that my design had been selected and that Mya's cute little face would be helping to spread some Christmas cheer this year. Hopefully it will also spread some awareness of Addison's too, and raise some money for the ADSHG."


Karen is a talented artist who has been painting all her adult life. Recently retired she now has more time to give to art and has a Facebook and Instagram page where you can see or purchase more of Karen's beautiful work. 

The Addison's community loved your art so much 2 that of your Christmas card designs were voted winners! Please tell us more about why you entered the ADSHG Christmas Card Competition.

"How exciting! Our son Aaron, became incredibly ill after being misdiagnosed as having gastroenteritis 2 years ago. After being admitted to the ICU at RUH in Bath, he was diagnosed with Addison's Disease. We have received priceless help and information over the last two years from following the ADSHG, and meeting with local groups too, giving Aaron and us as parents, the confidence to deal with this on a daily basis. Aaron is now living a "normal" life, but of course being more mindful with Covid around as we all are." 


In the first picture, here I am with Aaron on his release from hospital, where he's a tad 3 stone lighter.

In the second, here is Aaron well and healthy 2 years on.

Thank you for reading, and thank you to ADSHG for your wealth of knowledge."


Georgia first entered her Christmas Choir design into our 2019 Christmas card competition. The card was so popular that we have brought back her design for 2020! Thank you Georgia for sharing your fantastic design with the Addison's community 2 years running!