The reason I am supporting Addisons is because my sister was diagnosed with Addisons 2 years ago. I feel more money is needed to be raised for this important organisation as this is not a well known disease, my sister was misdiagnosed with anxiety causing her to go into a crisis pre lumbar puncture, we nearly lost her. She struggles alongside a lot of young adults with Addisons and I would like to raise the profile of the disease. The injections are not easy to administer on yourself and research into a more suitable and easier injection would be a life changer for her and other Addisons sufferers. We hope to raise funds for adequate training within the NHS as prescriptions and A&E admissions are not taken seriously.
Attached is a link in which a medical journal was released due to my sisters rare diagnosis and prognosis of Addisons- Her hospital stay & signs to be aware of when mis-diagnosing Addisons in young adults. Including original papilloedema.

Phoebe Standing