It will be three years this august since I was diagnosed with Addison’s disease, and prior to being diagnosed I was very ill for a year or more. I lost weight very drastically, I had pigmented, tanned skin and I couldn’t stand in the shower or walk very far without feeling exhausted.

After my diagnosis and being steriod dependant for life, I felt relieved, and even though a big scary change had happened, I was determined to stay positive and not let my condition take control of my life, of course I have my bad days, but overall I think I’m in control not the other way round.

My body has gone through a lot, but I’m still here, still standing, still learning but still positive.

So to raise money for Addison’s disease I’m planning on doing an 10 mile walk around Wantage and Near by villages on the first weekend of June 2021 which wouldn’t of been possible 3 years ago, but with a twist... I’m going to be wearing a pair of “Positive Pants” on the outside of my clothes, which I am going to decorate myself with plenty of bright colours and glitter (of course) to show no matter how hard it was, no matter how hard some days are, I will remain strong and positive, and not let this condition control my life.

Becca Richards