Hey all, I have just been diagnosed with Addison’s disease 🦠.

Not knowing much about it before the diagnosis I have been really overwhelmed at the thought of being on life long medication and potentially needing emergency treatment in my life. Getting my head around all of the information has been really hard to.

Saturday 29th is Addison’s Disease Day. Knowing Addison’s isn’t talked about but it can be really dangerous, I want to help share the information I am learning to help others who could be suffering/ those who are get the help that is really needed. I have a lot to learn myself but I wanted to start my journey sharing with you guys.

I will be selling cakes with all proceeds going to this amazing organisation & I will have a raffle running to win a cake. If you can spare anything and can help donate I would be very appreciative. Let’s stand together.

Please don’t ignore your body I have 3 autoimmune conditions and have been diagnosed with all of them within the space of a year & half.

Claire Griffiths