All my friends and family know that before my diagnosis i was a very keen runner!
Anything from 5k to Marathon..
So next week I will slowly start to learn how to run with Addison’s disease it’s not going to be easy I have to learn how to medicate and fuel my body properly just so I can run.
(my doctor has give me the okay to do this)

Addison's disease is where the adrenal glands that sit on top of your kidneys do not produce enough hormones.
Early symptoms of Addison's disease include lack of energy, weakness, increased thirst and a low mood. The symptoms can get gradually worse over time.
Treatment for Addison's disease usually involves taking hormones to replace the ones not produced by your adrenal glands.
Addison's disease is usually caused by a problem with your immune system.

So I am now steroid dependent for life 😔
I would like to raise money for this amazing charity as when I was first diagnosed they really helped me understand my illness.
My first challenge will be to starting running again!
And then to train for the vitality 10k a race that I have run for the last 5 years 😊
This year will be the 6th year but this year will mean so much more to me!
Anyone who knows me knows I love a challenge so be sure Addison’s disease will not stop me! Danielle Savvas