Before I was diagnosed with Addison’s disease, I spent many years progressively getting more and more ill. I didn’t know it at the time but I was slowly dying. One of the biggest indicators for me of just how sick I was, was that I couldn’t climb the 2 flights of stairs in my home unaided. My husband would have to help me every evening get up to our bedroom on the 3rd floor where I would collapse into bed completely exhausted even with him supporting me.

Those 2 flights of stairs were my Everest. After returning from the hospital when I had finally been diagnosed with Addison’s and had started my medication, I walked up the stairs unaided. This was such an emotional moment for me and I realised finally I had answers and was moving forward.

Being diagnosed with a very rare condition is difficult at any time, but being diagnosed in the middle of a pandemic is incredibly hard and isolating. Not only was I having to deal with the shock of a lifelong diagnosis, and trying to find out all I could about my illness, I’d also been told I was vulnerable when it came to covid. Addison’s UK provide fantastic information and support to people who are newly diagnosed, as well as amazing advice and info on how the pandemic affects people with Addison’s.

To give back, on the 10th April I have decided to climb my Everest 100 times. I will be walking up the 2 flights of stairs in my home 50 times, equalling 100 flights of stairs and will hopefully raise some essential funds for this amazing charity in the process!

Please give what you can, any amount will be greatly appreciated!!

Billie Worsey