Addison's Disease can strike at any age. We provide support to families and parents caring for children & young people with Addison's.

These resources complement the charity's extensive range of publications for healthcare professionals. Many of our resources for patients are also applicable to children & young people.

Talking to children & young people about an Addison's diagnosis

>> So just how do you tell your family & friends...

When A Student Has Addison's : A Guide For Schools & Parents

Our booklet 'When a student has Addison's: a guide for schools and parents' was written to help young people with Addison's who are in education to explain the condition, considerations needed and support required by a school or educational establishment.

>> Download : When A Student Has Addison's : A Guide For Schools & Parents

What Is Addison's Educational Booklet

This educational booklet, 'What is Addison’s?' was written with school projects in mind and provides some basic information on the condition. It gives a little history of Addison’s, from its discovery by Dr Thomas Addison in 1855, through the scientific and medical advances that occurred in the twentieth century, concluding with an overview of what life is like today for people with Addison’s.

>> Download : What Is Addison's Disease

Online Forum

On our members forum, we have a specific "Young People and their Families" section, where you can discuss any specific issues facing children, teenagers and their families. 

Read through posts left by others, from univeristy students to parents of young children, or start your own topic to receive advice and support. The forum is a great place to gain new knowledge and information through the experiences of other people with the condition. You may not feel that you need advice, but you may be in a position to give it, and to help others.

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