Our charity is at the forefront of medical research into Addison's Disease. Help us fund medical researchers working in this important but sometimes overlooked field of endocrine research.

We want to increase the amount of medical research into Addison's Disease. And we need your help to do this!

As a rare endocrine condition, Addison's gets much less attention and funding from the NHS and HSE, compared to diabetes. People are continuing to die unnecessarily from adrenal insufficiency. We want to stimulate innovative, evidence-based medical best practice. 

Our medical research fund appeal runs annually and is focussed on providing and expanding the resources available to medical researchers. Our charity sponsors several medical awards with the funds raised by this appeal.

Our medical awards include :

Alfred Potter Memorial Medical Research Award

The ADSHG Alfred Potter memorial medical research award is an annual award of up to £5,000 to support medical research projects that will advance good clinical practice in the management of Addison’s disease.

Sue Chambers Memorial Medical Research Award

In 2019, our charity launched a new medical research award focused on clinicians in the early stages of their careers. We want to encourage the next generation of medical researchers to develop their interests in Addison's Disease. The award is named after Sue Chambers, a much-loved and sadly missed member who passed away in 2018. We hope that Sue's spirited and passionate advocacy for people affected by Addison's will live on through this annual award.

Professor John Wass Emergency Medical Research Award

New for 2019, our charity has launched a further medical research award named after long-time collaborator, Chair of our Clinical Advisory Panel and good friend of the charity, John Wass. This award will focus on stimulating innovations and best practice in emergency medicine concerning adrenal insufficiency and adrenal crisis. It is awarded in collaboration with the Royal College of Emergency Medicine

Annette Louise Seal Memorial Award

This award was launched in 2010, for a nurse-led research project that advances steroid awareness and patient safety. Abstracts may cover any aspect of adrenal crisis prevention and treatment, the management and monitoring of steroid replacement therapy or associated patient education. The award is made in memory of Annette Seal, an active volunteer for the charity, who assisted with our presence at medical conferences prior to her sad, early passing.