Our charity has developed a range of clinical guidance publications in collaboration with our Clinical Advisory Panel (CAP) to inform and advise healthcare professionals.

Out & About

Emergency Wallet Card

The emergency wallet card is credit card sized and contains advice, authored by the ADSHG Clinical Advisory Panel, on the treatment required to prevent an adrenal crisis in the event of serious injury or illness. It is available in printed form and is sent free to every member when they become a member. Additional cards can be bought in our shop.

Adrenal Crisis Care Letter

This simple adrenal crisis protocol gives emergency medical treatment guidance for paramedics or hospital staff in the event of a person with Addison's suffering an adrenal crisis. This letter should be signed by your doctor. This document is also available in eight foreign languages for those who live or travel abroad.

Primary Care

Reducing risk of acute adrenal crisis

How to avoid precipitating an acute adrenal crisis (Article by Professor Wass)

Diagnosing Addison's : A Guide For GPs

This leaflet, 'Diagnosing Addison's: a guide for GPs', has been developed for the ADSHG by our Clinical Advisory Panel, led by Professor John Wass. It outlines the role of the GP in the early detection of Addison's disease and covers information on symptoms and clinical signs, primary care investigations and referral.

Caring for The Addison's Patient : Information For GPs

This leaflet, 'Caring for the patient with Addison's: information for GPs', has been developed for the ADSHG by our Clinical Advisory Panel, led by Professor John Wass. It outlines the role of the GP in managing Addison’s disease at each stage in the UK patient life cycle from diagnosis to old age.

Paramedic Training Pack

Published in 2019, with contributions from the Addison's Clinical Advisory Panel and South East Coast Ambulance Trust, this presentation summarises the latest paramedic best practices and the JRCalc (2017) guidelines. It includes patient testimony and case studies and is suitable for use in a teaching setting. It was produced for paramedics & first responders who want to gain a better understanding of Addison's Disease and emergency management protocols. To receive a copy, please contact us.

Tertiary Care

Surgical Guidelines

The ADSHG surgical guidelines are intended for the information of medics and healthcare professionals (including dentists) and have been developed for the ADSHG by our Clinical Advisory Panel. They explain what level of extra medication and monitoring patients with Addison's disease will need in the event of most types of minor or major surgery or dental work.

Nursing The Addison's Patient : Notes for Nurses

'Nursing the Addison's patient: notes for nurses' was written with hospital ward nursing staff in mind, for those times when anyone with Addison's becomes an inpatient. This might be for elective surgery or during the recovery from an adrenal crisis.

Dental Care

Addison's Disease: Advice for Dentists