Our charity, with the support and guidance of its Clinical Advisory Panel, publishes a range of materials for employers and colleagues to help them better support people affected by Addison's Disease.

These resources complement the charity's extensive range of information for patients & publications for healthcare professionals.

When An Employee Has Addison's : information For Employers

The 'When an employee has Addison's' leaflet was written to help people with Addison's disease who are newly diagnosed – or changing jobs – to explain their condition to an employer. It was written by members of the ADSHG with input from our Clinical Advisory Panel.

Personal Emergency Plan 

This Personal Medical Emergency Plan template is a useful way of summarising an employee's personal medical needs in the event of an emergency, at work.

Living With Addison's Disease : A Guide For People With Addison's, Supporters & Professionals

Everything you wanted to know about living with Addison's - but were afraid to ask. This ground-breaking, unique book covers a wide range of aspects of Addison's from both a medical and patient perspective. From causes, diagnosis, treatment options, how to work with your doctors through to advice for navigating life's journey including sports/active life, pregnancy, the menopause. Co-authored by Professor Simon Pearce and Sarah Spain, the book marries evidence-based clinical best practice with the practical day-to-day hints & tips to not just survive, but thrive with Addison's Disease. Highly recommended! 

The book is available in paperback and for Kindle at Amazon, globally.

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Emergency Wallet Card

The adrenal crisis emergency wallet card is credit card sized and contains advice, authored by the ADSHG Clinical Advisory Panel, on the treatment required to prevent an adrenal crisis in the event of serious injury or illness. It is available in printed form and is sent free to every member when they become a member. Additional cards can be bought in our shop.

Managing Your Addison's Disease

This leaflet, Managing Addison's disease, has been developed by our Clinical Advisory Panel. It provides a summary of the key points everyone with Addison's needs to know to manage their health. It is designed primarily to assist those who have been recently diagnosed and is ideal for employers who want to better understand the day-to-day aspects of the condition.