Membership is open to anyone with Addison's (or other forms of adrenal insufficiency that result in steroid dependence). Family members, friends or anyone with an interest adrenal medicine are also welcome. We are funded primarily through membership subscriptions, donations and fundraising activities.

Your annual subscription directly supports those with Addison's through the charity's work and helps promote better medical understanding of this rare condition. 

As a member, you will enjoy these benefits :

  • regular members' magazine (by post or online)*
  • access to our specialist legal helpline
  • access to our private members-only online forum (for support & advice)
  • access to  our members'-only socials (UK & Ireland)
  • regular members'-only e-newsletter updates throughout the year
  • exclusive early-bird/members-first access to our charity events
  • a vote at our Annual General Meeting, to help set our direction as an organisation
  • discounts on selected events & partner services (coming soon!)

When you join, we will send you a welcome pack containing :

  • Welcome letter from our Founder & Patron, Deana Kenward MBE
  • ADSHG emergency wallet card 
  • ADSHG hospital emergency stickers
  • ADSHG information pack containing a set of medical advisory leaflets & healthcare advice
Renewals - All membership types credit/debit card

For all members wishing to renew with their existing membership type and location. If you wish to change membership type then please select the new type from the list below

Join Now - UK Postal Member - credit/debit card

Join Now - UK Postal Member -    Direct Debit

For UK residents (Postal membership is not available outside UK and ROI)

  • membership with postal magazine subscription
  • £32 per year

Join Now - eMember - credit/debit card

Join Now - eMember - Direct Debit

For residents of any country globally(including the UK and ROI) who will receive correspondence digitally. 

  • membership with online magazine subscription
  • £32 per year
Join Now - Republic of Ireland- Postal Member

For Republic of Ireland residents only (Postal membership is not available outside UK and ROI)

  • membership with postal magazine subscription
  • £32 per year, payable by credit or debit card

Membership Fee Changes from 1st June 2019

The ADSHG Trustees have announced that from 1st June 2019, the annual membership fee will be £32 per annum. This is for all memberships in UK, Ireland and the Rest of the World. Members in UK & Republic of Ireland may choose to receive a copy of the charity's magazine by post or electronically for the same price. Members in EU27 and rest of the world will continue to receive the magazine electronically. The Trustees operate a Hardship Fund for people unable to afford the membership fee. To apply, click here.