Addison's Disease and adrenal insufficiency are lifelong conditions that require daily medication. This means that you will need to learn how to manage Addison’s day-to-day, yourself. Being well-informed will not only help you to look after your health but will also make you feel more confident and in control.

Get educated

We provide a wide range of publications and information to members. View all our free downloadable publications.

A good place to start is to read our leaflets which contain the key points that everyone with Addison's needs to know to manage their health. Start with these as applicable:

Watch: The ADSHG have a YouTube channel which includes 'how to' hydrocortisone injection videos, personal stories from the Addison's community and an educational video on adrenal crisis narrated by Professor John Wass.

Read: In 2019, in response to members feedback the ADSHG released our first book "Living with Addison's Disease – A Guide For People With Addison's, Supporters and Professionals" which is available to buy worldwide on Amazon. This book brings together practical day-to-day hints and tips about Addison's, as well as explaining more about medication, your endocrinology team and quality of life.

Get medical alert jewellery or ID & carry a steroid card

Steroid Card: Because you have to take steroid medications every day of your life, you will need to carry a steroid card, which identifies to healthcare providers that your medication cannot be stopped.

Medical Jewellery: There are a number of companies that offer different forms of medical ID or jewellery designed to alert medics to your medical condition in case of emergency. They should contain information about your diagnosis and medication needs. These come in lots of different designs so there is something to suit everyone. It’s advisable to choose a design that is easily identifiable as being a medical alert item. Our online shop also sells steroid alert wristbands.

Carrying a steroid card and wearing medical jewellery are vital steps to keep you safe. They provide life-saving information should you become seriously ill or unconscious and are unable to communicate your health problems effectively. So make sure to pop your steroid card in your wallet or purse and wear your jewellery daily! These simple but important steps can help give you peace of mind should you become unwell and support your independence. 

Be kind to yourself

Each person’s experience of being diagnosed with Addison’s is different; it can be a stressful and confusing time both for the person diagnosed and those close to them. Try to look after yourself and give yourself time to digest the information about your diagnosis.

The ADSHG online forum can be a reassuring place to share your concerns and questions with others. Addison’s is a life-long condition, but with the right balance of daily medication, people with Addison’s can expect to have a normal life span and to lead full and productive lives.