Our booklet "When a student has Addison's: a guide for schools and parents" was written to help young people with Addison's who are in education to explain the condition, considerations needed and support required by a school or educational establishment.

Managing Addison’s and adrenal insufficiency in school or other educational establishment is important to make sure the young person has the same education and experience as their classmates. 

The booklet covers the following information:

  1. What is Addison's
  2. Day to day symptoms
  3. Managing medication and fluids
  4. Medical jewellery and other documentation
  5. The Individual Healthcare Plan
  6. Absences and support for education missed
  7. Outside the classroom: school trips and sports
  8. Exam arrangements
  9. Transition to another school
  10. Responding to sickness, injury and emergencies
  11. Legislative guidance and further information
  12. Suggested Individual Healthcare Plan (IHP) template
  13. Other essential contacts


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Carrying medication & an emergency injection kit

Every young person with Addison’s and adrenal insufficiency should be allowed to take their replacement steroid medication and use their emergency injection kit, in public or in private, depending on their wishes. More information on this is included in our booklet 'When a student has Addison's: a guide for schools and parents'.

Allowing the young person to carry their steroid alert card, medication and injection kit is similar to an asthmatic always carrying their inhaler and a diabetic carrying their insulin. It allows them to take their replacement glucocorticoid medication at the right time every day - or extra medication quickly when unwell or injured - which is vital to avoiding adrenal crisis. On our Children and Young Adults page, we share some ideas to help a child or young person remember to take and store their medication.

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Great Ormond Street Hospital also provides information packs for schools, which you can read more about on their website here.