Our leaflet, 'What is Addison's', was developed for use in education settings by the ADSHG with support of our Clinical Advisory Panel (CAP), led by Professor John Wass. It provides an introduction to the condition, it's history, treatment and some of the people who've lived full and active lives while managing Addison's Disease.

This leaflet covers the following information:

1. How Addison's got its name

2. Understanding what the adrenal Glands do

3. The early discoveries about adrenal hormones

4. The search for medical treatment

5. What is life like today for people with Addison's

6. How many people have Addison's

7. What can go wrong?

8. Medical research and the future

Definitions of related terms

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The Addison’s Clinical Advisory Panel (CAP) is a group of endocrinologists with an interest in adrenal medicine.