Giulia's Story: Broadcasting Far and Wide

Giulia Bound is known by the public through her job as a sport presenter for BBC Radio Merseyside. Diagnosed in 2016, she now lives a full life with Addison’s. So what is her secret? Read more

Sarah’s Story: Living with Addison’s & my Journey So Far

Diagnosed with Addison’s aged 24, in the height of COVID-19, Sarah shares with us how she went from her darkest times to living her dream of performing sign language with singer Jo O'Meara (previously of pop group S Club 7) on stage. Read more

Ali's Story: Spinning through Fog (High Salt Content)

Ali is the author of: “Spinning through Fog (High Salt Content): Addison’s Disease and Hormonal Treatment”, one of 30 personal essays included in the book “So Hormonal”. Ali tells us more about his brilliant essay as well as his route to diagnosis and what he's learnt along the way. Read more

Ensuring Sufficiency in Addison's when an Inpatient

We catch up with Endocrine Nurse Specialist Becci Watling from the Royal Bournemouth Hospital, on the implementation of their digital steroid coding system, improving safety and experience for people admitted to hospital with adrenal insufficiency. Read more

Adam's Story: Becoming FitterFasterStronger with Addison's disease

Adam who was diagnosed with Addison's as a child, went on to play semi-professional football for 15 years and continues his love of exercise by coaching in his spare time. Adam shares with us his tips for training and exercising whilst managing his Addison's. Read more

Receiving the COVID-19 Booster & Third Dose - Personal Stories

What does it feel like to receive the COVID-19 booster jab or "third primary dose"? People with Addison's disease and adrenal insufficiency share their experiences with us. Read more

Fludrocortisone - why it is prescribed and different brands

We explain why there are now new brands of fludrocortisone available on the market and the impact of tablet splitting and scoring lines on the new brand Mylan. Read more

Send your seasonal greetings with our ADSHG Christmas cards!

With a few of our favourites from recent times, our festive cards are perfect for sending cheer to family, friends and colleagues. As usual we'd encourage you to think about sending them to members of your healthcare team to say thank you and remind them of our offerings to help them support people with adrenal insufficiency. Read more

Getting a flu vaccination this winter

It’s that time of year again – don’t forget to have your seasonal flu immunisation. There is no need to miss out, as it is free to people who are steroid-dependent (everyone with Addison's disease and adrenal insufficiency). Getting flu is a thoroughly miserable experience, however if you are steroid-dependent the consequences can be very serious. Dr Anna Mitchell explains more. Read more

Becca's Story: Positive Pants 10 Mile Walk

Becca, ADSHG Children and Young Adults volunteer, tells us why she took on her Positive Pants 10 Mile Walk. Becca helps us realise we’re not alone as she shares her thoughts, powering up the voice of young people living with a rare disease. Read on for her tips and advice for others wanting to take on a challenge post diagnosis (from Lucozade to bacon rolls!) Read more

Suzanne's Story: Participation in the ULTRADIAN study

Suzanne tells how she volunteered to participate in the ULTRADIAN study at Bristol and her experience of testing U-RHYTHM, a medical wearable device to measure hormone levels, such as cortisol, in the body over the full 24 hours. Read more

Behind the Research: U-RHYTHM

Researcher Dr Thomas Upton updates us the development of U-RHYTHM, a medical wearable device to measure hormones, including cortisol levels, in the body over the full 24 hours, as part of the ULTRADIAN study at Bristol. Read more

COVID-19 and Adrenal Insufficiency: What Now? - We ask how you're feeling

A survey of over 600 people with adrenal insufficiency has found that around 80% of respondents were uncomfortable about the relaxation of COVID-19 related restrictions that began in England on the 19th July. Read more

Lynsey's Story: Pickle Addiction Photoshoot

Lynsey who has Addison's used her skills as an interiors and still life stylist to create a colorful photoshoot to explore one of the symptoms Addison's: craving salt. Here she shares with us the story behind her pickle addiction photoshoot. Read more

Preparing your own Emergency Kit for Addison's or Adrenal Insufficiency

Preparing an emergency kit is something every person with Addison's or Adrenal Insufficiency should do once they have a diagnosis. Kits are sometimes provided ready-made by medics and can also be purchased online. Here we help you create your own emergency kit in seven steps. Read more

Easing lockdown: How are you feeling? - 06/7/2020

It's important to remember you're not alone in experiencing a range of emotions as restrictions begin to lift. Read more

Awareness and Endocrinology with Professor John Wass

To mark Addison’s Disease Day 2021, we speak with Professor John Wass, the Professor of Endocrinology at Oxford University and chair of the Addison's Clinical Advisory Panel. Read more

Behind the Research: Ambulance Alert System

We speak to Dr Sam Westall, member of our Clinical Advisory Panel (CAP), to learn more about his work looking into ambulance alert systems and improving emergency care for patients with adrenal insufficiency. Dr Westall shares his research, as presented at The European Congress of Endocrinology (e-ECE) in 2020. Read more

Behind the Research: Fasting with adrenal insufficiency during Ramadan

A new patient leaflet has been released to provide more information on fasting for Ramadan if you live with adrenal insufficiency. We speak to Endocrinology and Diabetes Specialist Registrar, Shazia Hussain to learn more about this new vital patient resource, created in collaboration with ADSHG, The Pituitary Foundation and CAH Support Group. Read more

Kristian’s Story: Adapting to Addison’s

Kristian was diagnosed when he was 16 years old. Now 25, he shares with us how he's adapted to life with Addison's and how this determination has influenced his career in the creative arts. Read more

Receiving the COVID-19 Vaccine - Personal Stories

The COVID-19 vaccination campaign has kicked off - but what does it feel like to receive the COVID-19 vaccine? People with Addison's and adrenal insufficiency share their experiences of receiving the vaccine. Read more

Katy & Sophie-Louise's Story: "My Rare Disease" Podcast

"My Rare Disease" podcast creator Katy shares the inspiration behind starting this fantastic awareness podcast, and we catch up with Sophie-Louise about her episode discussing her experiences with Secondary Adrenal Insufficiency. Read more

Vinoj's Story: Creating an Addison's anthem

Vinoj is an engineer by day and a spoken word and hip-hop artist by night. He was diagnosed with Addison’s Disease in September 2019 after experiencing an adrenal crisis and nearly a year of battling with its symptoms. In 2020 he released “Temple to Castle” - a song written about his journey with Addison's. Vinoj shares more about the song and his journey with Addison's. Read more

Liam's Story: Crohn’s and Addison's

Liam was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease aged 10. After years of steroid medication to control his Crohn’s, a diagnoisis of Addison’s disease followed. He shares his story of the life-changing events that led to him raising much needed awareness of these conditions. Read more

Christmas Card design competition: the results are in...

After the success of last year's Christmas card competition, we brought back our popular charity competition this year! Thank you to everyone who entered! We put the cards to our ADSHG members to vote for their favourites and the results are in (and on sale now!) Read more

Rachel's Story: How adrenal insufficiency affected my pregnancy

Rachel tells us the story of her pregnancy from fertility treatment to welcoming her son into the world - all whilst managing her adrenal insufficiency. Read more

Helen Reddy & Addison's Disease

Helen Reddy, the singer, actress, and activist shot to international stardom with her 1970s hit “I Am Woman”. At the height of her fame in 1976 she was diagnosed with Addison’s, aged 35. We were honoured to interview Helen about her Addison's for our magazine in 2009. We remember this inspirational woman by looking back at her insights into life with Addison's. Read more

Getting a flu vaccination this winter

Winter 2020. Getting flu is a thoroughly miserable experience. However, if you are steroid-dependent, the consequences can be very serious, with around a quarter of adrenal crises requiring hospital admission resulting from flu-like illnesses (ADSHG member survey 2013). Fortunately, flu can be prevented – and surely, prevention is better than cure? Read more

Thanooshan's Story: My law degree or my Addison’s Disease?

Thanooshan was diagnosed with Addison’s Disease in 2018, 3 days after after going into adrenal crisis. Less than a year later, he began his law degree at the University of Leeds. Read about this member's experiences of balancing study with managing his new health condition. Read more

Liverpool Nurses produce video for adrenal insufficiency patients

Kerrie Grounds and her team of dedicated Endocrine Specialist Nurses have produced a video for patients with adrenal insufficiency covering steroid replacement during illness and the emergency injection, while they can't run their usual education sessions. Here Kerrie explains what inspired them to create this invaluable and informative patient resource. Read more

International Addison's Day: Catch up on the highlights 04/06/2020

International Addison's Day: Catch up on the highlights. On 29th May 2020 people with Adrenal Insufficiency painted social media blue purple and green, making new friends, sharing experiences and important advice with medics, family, friends and followers. Read more

We asked you to share your emergency kits - Take a look!

During Addison's Disease Day people with Addison's or adrenal insufficiency around the world shared pictures of their kits as part of our #ShareYourKit campaign. Read more

International Addison's Day Twitter Chat - Being Prepared For Emergencies - 20/05/2020

On International Addison's Day, 29th May, we met for a Twitter Chat on the theme of 'Being Prepared - Getting Ready For Emergencies'. Here are some of the highlights. Read more

International Addison's Day: Exclusive Access to 'Advanced Practice in Endocrinology Nursing' book - 27/05/2020

This International Addison's Day, Springer Publishing are generously giving you exclusive access to 'Advanced Practice in Endocrinology Nursing' book chapters on Adrenal Insufficiency. Read more

ADSHG Socials: Hosts share personal stories and injection practise in weekend watch party

ADSHG Socials: Hosts share personal stories and injection practise in weekend watch party Read more

COVID-19 and Adrenal Insufficiency: Q&A About Going Into Hospital - 06/05/2020

We have noticed lots of concern raised amongst our members about hospital admission during the times of COVID-19. We asked Dr Helen Simpson and Professor John Wass to give their perspectives on the questions we've seen asked by members recently. Read more