To help raise awareness around hydrocortisone emergency injection kits, we ask you to #ShareYourKit. At the ADSHG we like to feature members of our amazing community, as they show us how they store and carry their kit, to help encourage us to keep our kits with us at all times and normalise this potentially scary situation.

Here Shona, a school support assistant and busy Mum, shows us how she stores her hydrocortisone injection kit.

Meet Shona

I am 39 years old from Hamilton, Scotland. I was diagnosed with Addison’s disease at 16 years old. It was a long diagnosis and I was really lucky. I was crawling, couldn’t walk or stand up and weighed only 6 stone. I am so grateful to the doctor who saved me and my amazing Mum and Dad. I am a Mum to a 13-year-old boy, Ben, and I am a school support assistant. I love walking my dog and playing golf. I also know when I have to rest and take it a bit easier.

My Kit #ShareYourKit

I carry my tablets in a blue pouch which I purchased from Etsy. I also carry an injection kit with me at all times. It is clearly labelled from the outside and also has instructions inside in case of an emergency. I also carry extra Hydrocortisone tablets and Fludrocortisone in my emergency kit and always stock up on salty snacks at home like cheese and salt and vinegar crisps- my two favourites!

"It is important to listen to your body as you know best!"

Addison's Admin

How do you remember to take your tablets?

"I take my morning dose as soon as I wake in the morning and take my evening dose with my dinner."

What type of medical alert identification do you have? 

"I wear a medic alert bracelet and I also have a medic alert sticker on my car."

Author: Shona

School support assistant and busy mum from Hamilton, Scotland

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