Our charity supports a range of informal social meetings across the United Kingdom & Ireland. They are run by local group members and provide a chance to meet other people affected by adrenal insufficiency, provide encouragement, share experiences and laughter.

They take place in a diverse range of venues, from cafes, community halls, pubs or occasionally in private homes. Since COVID-19 we have moved our meetings online. All follow an open agenda, with the opportunity to meet and talk with others over tea, coffee and cake. Where possible, an endocrine nurse from a nearby hospital joins the meeting to lead injection practice and answer questions. 


Our members' socials are listed on our social events page. For insurance reasons, they are not open to the general public. If you're not already a member of our charity, it's quick & easy to join!

Thinking of Hosting A Social? 

We welcome members to create new social groups. They can be simple to get started, and we can provide help to get going. If interested in setting up a group, contact our socials team for help or email [email protected].