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Information for patients

We provide a range of advice &information to people affected by Addison's Disease. Check out our resources here.


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Information for Healthcare Professionals

Our charity has developed a range of clinical guidance publications in collaboration with our Clinical Advisory Panel (CAP) to inform and advise healthcare professionals.


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ADSHG Member News

Catch up on all the ADSHG Member news. Gathered from our email news alerts, social media feeds, website and more. It's your bitesize update on all the recent Addison's and ADSHG news.


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Latest news

  • Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) - 22/09/2020

    Our medics have been keeping an eye on the emerging situation. This page is up to date but we will continue updating it regularly as we find out more information from the government. Read more

  • Behind the News: Hydrocortisone as a Covid-19 Treatment - 03/09/2020

    In recent days, UK news networks have been sharing a story about new studies hailing Hydrocortisone as a Covid-19 treatment. We asked our medics to review the research and the emerging stories so that we can give you a balanced perspective while also updating you on any impacts to the drug supplies we depend on. Read more

  • Updated NHS Steroid Card Released 02/08/2020

    Following the early release of the new NHS Steroid Emergency Card back in March to keep patients with Addison's or adrenal insufficiency safe during the COVID-19 crisis, the NHS steroid card has been updated and physical copies will be available to order from Tuesday 18th August 2020 for hospital teams! Read more

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