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New NHS Steroid Card

Have you issued this card to your Adrenal Insufficiency patients yet?

It could save a life!

Order yours and read about the new card

Our Emergency Kits

See inside our Emergency kits and explore their life saving contents.

An essential for your patients to self manage a crisis wherever they are and to buy vital time if there is a delay to their admission to A&E.

Emergency injection kits and why your patients need them

COVID-19 Care

The latest guidance from the Society for Endocrinology on ensuring your patients are prepared for COVID-19 related crisis and receive the right care if they are admitted into hospital for emergency care.

View the latest SfE Guidance

Our Marvellous Care Poll

Match your approach to the latest guidance from the Society for Endocrinology along with the medics and academics in our Clinical Advisory Panel. 

10 Steps to Marvellous Care

Download or order our leaflets and Publications

Explore and download our leaflets and publications from our website including Managing Your Addisons, Caring for the Addison's Patient, and Diagnosing Addison's. Order paper copies of our most popular leaflets using our online leaflet request form.

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Get Involved - Ways to support our work

We are so grateful to all our medic volunteers and there are always plenty of ways you can get involved to support our work and continue your professional development at the same time. Here are some of our current opportunities including our Research Grants.

Endocrine healthcare professionals: How you can support our work

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