Please ensure that both the ADSHG surgical and dental guidelines, plus the ADSHG crisis guidelines, are scanned into the patient's notes, along with a list of their regular steroid medications. Both these publications can downloaded for free via the links above.

If in any doubt, it is best to consult with the patient's endocrinologist when planning for a major or invasive dental procedure. Where this is not possible, it is best to err on the side of caution and ensure the patient receives additional glucocorticoid cover sufficient to ensure the procedure is risk-free. An overly generous dose will do no harm, where under-medicated dental procedures are a recognised cause of adrenal crisis.

A 2013 UK survey of steroid-dependent patients, conducted by the ADSHG, found that dental procedures were a trigger factor for adrenal crisis reported by 8% of patients. Thus, patients should generally be encouraged to bring their next scheduled hydrocortisone dose forward and take it ahead of any dental work, especially where this involves a local anaesthetic.

Dental anaesthetic containing adrenaline is suitable for use with steroid-dependent patients. An extra dose of oral hydrocortisone medication is likely to be required for all procedures involving anaesthetic.

Since they were first launched in 2005, the ADSHG surgical guidelines have been endorsed in several clinical/endocrine publications. You can read these endorsements in the links below.