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The ADSHG adrenal crisis guidelines give emergency medical treatment guidance for ambulance or hospital staff in the event of a person with Addison's experiencing an adrenal crisis. These guidelines should be signed by your GP or specialist, to verify your condition.

Download the ADSHG Adrenal Crisis Guidelines (full colour version, PDF 306kb - opens in new window)

Download the ADSHG Adrenal Crisis Guidelines (printer friendly version, PDF 631kb - opens in new window)

In addition to the adrenal crisis guidelines, you can also purchase the same emergency instructions in a handy credit card sized concertina wallet card from our shop ADSHG emergency wallet card.

Foreign language crisis guidelines
For those who live outside the UK or are travelling abroad, the ADSHG adrenal crisis guidelines have been translated into a number of different language versions by native-speaking clinicians. We would like to thank all those involved in the translations for their assistance.

View our emergency crisis letters in various languages.