Help raise awareness of Addison's disease and adrenal insufficiency by sharing our posters. You can download and print our posters below.

Diagnosis Poster

"Think Addison's disease - save a life"

The ADSHG collaborated with CoMICs to produce an image and video series to raise awareness of the subtle symptoms of Addison's disease and the national guidance to diagnose Addison's. Read more about the diagnosis series here.

Please share this with your GP or Endocrinologist, and ask if it can be placed in their waiting room. Or if you are a healthcare professional yourself, why not print out and display as a poster to remind your colleagues of the symptoms of Addison's.

You can download the diagnosis infographic here.

Infographic used to note increased pigmentation may be difficult to detect in people with dark skin tone. Therefore it is vital to check the inside of mouth and gums.

© Image Credit: ADSHG & CoMICs Team (Dwi Delson, Emma Ooi, Soon Chee Yap, Dr Punith Kempegowda)

RCGP Poster: Information for your GP

This poster is an A4 printout to let your GP know about the RCGP course on Addison's and adrenal insufficiency.

The poster provides the link to the free 15-minute RCGP Module on 'Adrenal Insufficiency with a focus on Addison's Disease'.

Please share this with your GP to help improve awareness and understanding of Addison's disease and adrenal insufficiency. If you are a GP yourself, why not print out and display as a poster in your waiting room to let others know about this course.

This poster has been created by the ADSHG as a resource for patients to share with their medical professionals.

You can download the RCGP Poster here.

NHS Steroid Emergency Card Posters

Waiting room awareness poster 

Download and ask your GP or Endocrinologist to put this poster in their waiting room, so people living with Addison's disease or adrenal insufficiency are reminded to carry the NHS Steroid Emergency card.

You can download the Waiting room awareness poster here.

Healthcare professionals poster

Download and print this poster for your staff room or share with your colleagues so they are aware of the NHS Steroid emergency card.

You can download the Healthcare professionals poster here.

Awareness Stand

Make a stand! Awareness for Addison's Disease Day

One way to raise awareness on Addison's Disease Day (29 May) is by setting up an awareness stand in hospitals or medical practices. These stands help to educate others on the needs of those living with steroid dependency.

Download our leaflet here to learn more and how we can support you, whether you’re an Endocrine Nurse wanting to set up a stand, or a patient wanting to ask your hospital to get involved.

Whether you're newly diagnosed or have lived with the condition for years - please join our community and support our cause! You'll receive the latest expert advice, guidance and ADSHG news, whilst being part of our inspiring and supportive community. Become a member today! 


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