Adrenal Insufficiency and Ramadan

"Fasting with Adrenal Insufficiency" Patient Guidance Leaflet
A patient leaflet for people living with adrenal insufficiency who are thinking about fasting for Ramadan. It gives tips on reducing the risks of becoming ill if you decide to fast, when it's advisable not to fast and offers alternatives to those who are considered too high risk for fasting. This leaflet is endorsed by the Society of Endocrinology.
The production of this leaflet was created with and funded by the ADSHG, The Pituitary Foundation and CAH Support Group

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Read our blog article "Behind the Research: Fasting with adrenal insufficiency during Ramadan" with one of the co-authors of this research Dr Shazia Hussain, to learn more about this topic.

This leaflet summarises guidance that was an outcome of the below research:

Thank you to our patient volunteers who reviewed and provided feedback on this leaflet, your feedback was invaluable to the production of this fantastic new resource.

If you know someone who can’t access this page or print off the leaflet, please Contact Us and we can post a physical copy of the leaflet to you. If you are a healthcare professional and would like copies for your hospital, please Contact Us so this can be arranged.

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Updated: April 2021.