The 1st December saw the launch of our ‘Addison’s Advent’ calendar on our Instagram page. For the first 12 days of December, we shared expert, trusted advice and information about Addison’s and Adrenal Insufficiency with our followers.

Before the event, we shared polls on both our Instagram and Facebook stories. We wanted to find out what sort of information would be of interest to our followers. From sick day rules to exercise and travel advice, you shared what really matters to you about managing your adrenal insufficiency. So, thank you!

Topic’s Covered

Each day we covered a different topic. Click on a day to be taken to our Instagram post, or click the topic to learn more on our website:

Day 1 - What is Addison’s? 
Day 2 - About the ADSHG
Day 3 - Young People and Adrenal Insufficiency 
Day 4 - Sick Day Rules
Day 5 - Exercise and Addison’s 
Day 6 - Travelling with Addison’s 
Day 7 - Medical Alert
Day 8 - Famous Lives with Addison’s and Adrenal Insufficiency 
Day 9 - Emergency Injection Kit for Adrenal Crisis
Day 10 - Nobel Prize Day and Adrenal Insufficiency 
Day 11 - Stress and Adrenal Insufficiency 
Day 12 - Fundraising for the ADSHG 

Don’t worry if you missed out - you can view all 12 days on our Instagram page and saved Instagram stories:

Impact of the Campaign

Thank you for supporting our campaign! 

During the ‘Addison’s Advent’, our Instagram posts received 1,833 likes, 55 comments and 192 saves! That's a 207% increase in our post interactions!

Thank you for sharing our posts! Our 'Addison's Advent' posts reached 5,134 accounts. By sharing our posts you have helped raise much-needed awareness of Addison’s and adrenal insufficiency.

    What’s Next?

    Thanks to the success of our first 'Addison's Advent' calendar, we would love to host this again next year. What would you like to see on our Addison’s Advent next year? 

    Share Your Addison's Advent Ideas Here

    Once again, thank you for supporting the ADSHG!

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