To help raise awareness around hydrocortisone emergency injection kits, we ask you to #ShareYourKit. At the ADSHG we like to feature members of our amazing community, as they show us how they store and carry their kit, to help encourage us to keep our kits with us at all times and normalise this potentially scary situation.

Here Sue, a retired counselling psychologist, shares how she manages her newly diagnosed Addison's and how she chooses to store her emergency injection kit.

Meet Sue

I am a retired 73-year-old counselling psychologist and I am the main carer for my daughter who has a neurological disorder. I have always been active and love people mostly! I have run a dementia carer support group for the past seven years which has now become more of a friendship group. 

I was always active and academically I loved learning from the age of 50. I managed, with the help of my wonderful husband’s support, to do two master's and a doctorate in seven years, whilst working as a director in a large addiction organisation. I graduated in 2007. 

I’ve had an underactive thyroid, diabetes type 2 and asthma for years and manage my conditions quite well. However, last year I was really tired, I didn’t have any energy. I felt foggy-headed and had poor memory. To be honest I thought I was developing dementia. 

My GP out of the blue in December 2022 decided I should have a cortisol blood test and within two hours the phlebotomist rang him to say I needed to go to A&E right away as I was in a life-threatening situation! To say I was frightened and overwhelmed is an understatement. However, since tests and medication, the impact on my life is sinking in. 

My Kit #ShareYourKit

I bought all the items I have in my kit from Amazon including syringes, needles, a cutter for tablets, plasters and medical wipes. Within my kit, I have the Hydrocortisone powder and 3 glass ampules. I have put everything together to make life easier if someone was giving me an injection, so no panicking!

As you can see you may think I am 'over prepared' but being an ex-anaesthetic nurse in a previous life I know how important it is to have everything ready! 

My kit is a reflection of my obsessive behaviour! However in a small transparent bag inside my kit labelled 'USE FIRST' is everything needed and ready to go. This will deal with the initial crisis so I feel safe. I’m still at the stage of telling friends and family which is difficult to understand. In addition, I continue to be a bit concerned if I will recognise a crisis if it happens.
"My advice is be compliant, take medication and listen to your body!"

Addison's Admin

How do you remember to take your tablets? I have a phone alarm set for three times a day.

What type of medical alert identification do you have? I have a medical ID bracelet.

Author: Sue

Retired counselling psychologist

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