Becca, our Children and Young Adults volunteer, tells us why she took on her Positive Pants 10 Mile Walk. Becca helps us realise we’re not alone as she shares her thoughts, powering up the voice of young people living with a rare disease. Read on for her tips and advice for others wanting to take on a challenge post diagnosis (from Lucozade to bacon rolls!)

Hello sunshine

On the 5th of June 2021, I accomplished something which I never thought I would be able to do before I was diagnosed with Addison’s disease 3 years ago and that was a 10 mile walk.

Positive Pants

For my walk, I wanted to do something to remind me that no matter how hard some days are, I will remain as positive as I can as I live with this condition - and that was to wear some POSITIVE PANTS! I hand decorated these with the people and things which keep me positive on the ‘not so bright days’ which are: my ‘GIRL GANG’, my really supportive partner who is always there and always goes above and beyond to help me, dungarees, copious amounts of tea, and Disney!

Why I wanted to do a 10 Mile Walk

I have been diagnosed with Addison's 3 years this year and before diagnosis I was incredibly poorly for a year and a half. I slipped through the net multiple times at the doctors who put it down to depression and anxiety, and as the weeks went on, I became weaker and frailer and I couldn’t stand in the shower without the need to sit down. In the end I was crawling to the toilet. When I was admitted to hospital at the end of June 2018, I weighed under 6 stone and was in the thick of an adrenal crisis. After endless testing I was diagnosed with Addison’s disease and it was a sense of relief after being poorly for so long. So I wanted to do this 10 mile walk to show how far I had come.

On The Day

On the morning of my 10 mile walk, I had my morning tablets (Hydrocortisone and Fludrocortisone) with my morning cup of tea. I doubled my dose in preparation for my day (any form of exercise where the body is working harder, you need to take extra steroids. This is different for everyone - get more advice on exercise here.) I then had a yummy bacon roll to fuel the tank for my walk and then I was off!

During the walk I made sure I had plenty of water (my bag was so heavy in the beginning) and Lucozade sport (Lucozade has electrolytes in it which is good for salt replacement, especially in exercise or on a hot day where you sweat more (which all fellow Addisonians need to be aware of - find out more here) and I also doubled my fludrocortisone as it was quite a hot day and that works best for my body.

I didn’t want the walk to be a race, I didn’t have a time I wanted to complete it by, I just wanted to complete it, so I made sure that I stopped for rests when I needed it and had plenty of snacks to keep energy levels up. It was a really lovely day so I was happy to just stop in the middle of a big field and sit for a little while. Near the end of the walk, I felt very tired but just taking extra of my steroids and knowing my body was the important thing.


I was so proud of myself for walking 10 miles, not only for myself, but also raising money for the ADSHG Charity. I raised £260 in the end, £60 over my target.

"If you’re thinking of doing something which is a little out of your comfort zone or your worried about doing it because of Addison’s disease, just make sure you prep yourself, increase your medication if needed and the important thing - KNOW YOUR BODY! You may need more than another person may need."

Medical Alert Bracelet

My medical alert bracelet is never off my wrist, and it’s so important to wear especially when you're far from home, as it could save your life.

I hope you have enjoyed reading my blog on my Positive Pants 10 Mile Walk and it encourages you to do something out of your comfort zone. Honestly, it’s the best feeling.

Becca xx

Author: Becca Richards, ADSHG Children and Young Adults Volunteer

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