Working with the Royal College of General Practitioners (RCGP), we recently launched a GP education module titled “Adrenal insufficiency with a focus on Addison's disease” providing a free eLearning module for GPs across the UK.

This collaborative initiative between the Addison’s Disease Self-Help Group (ADSHG) and RCGP provides vital information regarding Addison’s disease and adrenal insufficiency directly to GPs at their desks, free of charge.

Problems with GP awareness

GPs are often the gateway to diagnosis and the first point of contact for people with Addison’s and adrenal insufficiency. However, these are rare conditions and can present like many other diseases, meaning that GPs can struggle to identify them readily and effectively.

Additionally, it's likely your GP will only see a few people with an established diagnosis of Addison’s and adrenal insufficiency in their career, so their understanding of adrenal issues and replacement steroids may be limited.


What are we doing?

A teaching programme to close this gap in education for medical professionals in primary care was required. We have worked with the RCGP to develop a free online eModule to educate GPs on the signs and symptoms of Addison’s and adrenal insufficiency to improve early diagnosis and enhance treatment and understanding of these conditions.

The RCGP provides essential continuing professional development for 60,000+ GPs, supporting them throughout their medical career. Importantly, this eModule is accredited by the RCGP, so counts towards GPs’ professional training. Further due to an educational grant provided by the ADSHG for the production of this course, the eModule is free of charge for GPs, removing barriers to accessing this training.


eModule launch - spread the word!

For the month of April, “Adrenal insufficiency with a focus on Addison's disease” is the RCGP’s eModule of the month! So please pass on the details of this free 15-minute eModule to your GP, for them to complete as part of their continuing professional development. Either share the link below or download and print our poster to give to your GP surgery.

The eModule can be accessed from the RCGP website. Please share with your GP or click the button below.

Visit RCGP module: “Adrenal insufficiency with a focus on Addison's disease”

The “Adrenal insufficiency with a focus on Addison's disease” eModule discusses the causes of adrenal insufficiency, how to recognise and diagnose the condition in primary care, and management. It also covers adrenal crisis, how to recognise this condition, and the emergency treatment which should be delivered before hospital transfer.

Dr Alessandro Prete, Consultant Endocrinologist, and member of the ADSHG's Clinical Advisory Panel, comments:

“This eModule was developed in collaboration between the RCGP and the ADSHG and was informed by the latest scientific evidence on Addison’s disease and adrenal insufficiency. This resource provides GPs with key information about how to diagnose and manage these rare diseases. The visually appealing schematics and clearly laid-out information are very handy assets GPs can go back to during their daily clinical activity."

"This eModule will improve GPs’ understanding of Addison’s disease and adrenal insufficiency, ultimately benefiting people living with these conditions.”

With over 7,000 rare diseases, it isn't possible for GPs to be an expert on every individual condition. However, we can provide them with the information and learning resources they need to improve awareness and understanding.

Many thanks to everyone for their time and effort in the development of this eModule with the RCGP, including Dr Claire De Mortimore Griffin and the ADSHG's Clinical Advisory Panel.

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