We need gather data urgently about how well prepared our Addison's and Adrenal insufficiency communities are for illness or emergencies. Complete our very short survey today and be assured we will represent you.

Why are we doing this?

From the limited evidence we have seen of steroid dependent patients with Covid 19, preparation is key to keeping you healthy and to reducing the burden on our health services.  
How will we use this information?
The information extracted from this survey will be treated in the strictest confidence. The data from the survey will be used to obtain simple statistics about prescribing. We aim to use this data to lobby endocrinologists and other local medical practitioners for better availability of longer prescriptions,extra medication and emergency injection kit essential according to the clinical guidelines which already exist with the intent that they will be enabling our Addison's and Adrenal insufficiency communities to proactively help the healthcare services by self-managing their condition during these exceptional times.   
Will I be asked for personal details?
If you are happy for us to contact you about your survey response to help us provide more detail to the people we wish to influence, you will be invited to provide your email address. 
Watch our video on managing your medication and COVID-19:
For advice on making your own emergency kit please visit our website:


Thank you for helping us to help you at this challenging time. We’re in this together and are here to support you. We look forward to representing you in our ongoing lobbying.