Hello everyone


I wanted to give you an update on some work which took place over the weekend to migrate our forum to our new website - apologies for any disruption this caused you.


What did we do?

We moved our forum to https://forum.addisonsdisease.org.uk. All forum history(posts/threads etc.), usernames/passwords and functionality stayed almost exactly the same so you shouldn’t have noticed a difference once you were on the new site. It took a little longer than planned -apologies for this - but the forum should now be open and allow posting as before at the address above.


Why did we do it?

This is part of the roadmap to get us to having one website with one web address. There are also some administrative benefits and we will automatically receive updates to software which should improve member navigation experience.

Is it finished?

The migration of data is finished, but there is some cleanup work happening during this week to ensure your experience is consistent and doesn’t send you back to the old site. Please bear with us while these are fixed and if you spot something wrong or have any issues big or small please use our contact us page https://www.addisonsdisease.org.uk/contact to raise them. We aim to respond within an hour during work hours as we are conscious of resolving issues promptly.

What does it mean for me, what do I need to do?

You will need to go to a new address and bookmark it https://forum.addisonsdisease.org.uk and ensure you login again with your details to ensure you have access to the whole forum.If you can’t see where to login the direct address is here: https://forum.addisonsdisease.org.uk/login/


What’s happening next?

Further updates will be sent out in the coming weeks but over the next few months we’ll:

- start the process of closing down the old site so that in future there is only www.addisonsdisease.org.uk. We will be retaining all articles and info held currently and have already begun moving things over - so don’t worry about things being lost!

- Setting up a transparent feedback process for concerns/complaints/suggestions across our technology so that we can show you what changes are planned and what has prompted them

- Visually align the forum site to addisonsdisease.org.uk so it feels more similar.

Many thanks and apologies again for any disruption caused.

Thanks Matt