What happened at International Addison's Day 2020

On 29th May 2020 people with Adrenal Insufficiency painted social media blue purple and green, making new friends, sharing experiences and important advice with medics, family, friends and followers.

We were struck by the amazing response and meaningful conversations between those of us with Adrenal Insufficiency and medics around the world. The sharing of experiences is always so valued. So many said how touched they were to be recognised by the day, when people often feel like they are the only one with Adrenal Insufficiency or Addison's Disease. 

Discussing important questions on Twitter together

Dedicated Healthcare professionals, panellists from patient support groups,  expert patients. ADSHG members and people with Adrenal Insufficiency joined our Twitter Chat on being prepared for emergencies. It was a brilliant, friendly, busy and informative hour covering a wide range of questions, answers and advice. Take a look at our international Addison's Day Twitter Chat highlights

Showing our true colours, loud and proud on social media

We're extremely grateful to those of you who brightened up you profile picture with an International Addison's Day frame or twibbon on Facebook or Twitter. Seen by followers, family and friends, these little blue, purple and green rings will have certainly sparked some important conversations and helped spread lots of awareness. We loved these tweets that beautifully illustrate information about adrenal crisis in full colour:

And we were inspired by the initiative of a musician in Ireland with secondary adrenal insufficiency:

Making important information available to health professionals

Sofia Llahana and publishers Springer kindly opened up exclusive free access for a limited time to fascinating chapters from the Advanced Practise in Endocrinology Nursing Book. For medics yet to meet or treat someone with Addison's, it's an important introduction to some of the fundamental challenges and best practises for treatment and has proved extremely popular. 

Read more about the chapters we shared

A handy refresher was provided by a tweeting medic who kindly themed his daily anatomy quiz focussed on Adrenal Insufficiency especially for International Addison's Day:

Sharing our kits to inspire each other to get prepared

We loved seeing the different ways everyone has put together their life saving kit and made it their own. Comments followed each post as advice was shared on where a certain bag or box had been purchased, what each item was and useful comparisons made inspire others to begin the process of creating their ideal kit. We learned a lot f rom those who have made up a hospital bag or included extra medication, drinks, dehydration sachets and other useful items. 

Take a look at our #ShareYourKit highlights

Our amazing Facebook Donors

Our wonderfully kind followers of the ADSHG Facebook page donated over £400 on the day that we will use to continue our work to support people with Adrenal Insufficiency and lobby to improve the care they receive.

Uniting with international friends and UK patient support groups

A host of international and UK groups who support people with Adrenal Insufficiency showed their support and shared their informative materials. From India to the US, Europe and further afield we felt united globally for the day and we hope, on an ongoing basis!

From the NADF in the US:

Support from US Olympian soccer player and NADF volunteer:

Over in India:

We also saw posts from Finland, Switzerland, Macedonia, Australia and Brazil and are grateful for the support of the NADF, Pituitary Foundation, members of our international ACT Panel (Adrenal Causes Together) Amend, ALEX TLC, CAH, Society for Endocrinology, Federation of International Nurses in Endocrinology, Brazillian Addisons Association.

We hope you all enjoyed the day and learned something new. And remember, keeping connected and informed about Addison's Disease is for life, not just for International Addison's Day!