If 2020 was going to the be the year you took part in your first fundraising event for the Addison's Disease Self Help Group, don't be disheartened - we need your support now more than ever! That's why we are inviting our supporters to take part in the 2.6 Challenge and raise vital funds for our work.

COVID-19 (coronavirus) has swept across the world and up-ended all our lives. We are working harder than ever to support everyone who turns to us. However the pandemic has hit our finances as we face losing nearly all our fundraising income overnight as events are cancelled. 

The London Marathon due to be held on the Sunday 26th April has been postponed - and this is where the 2.6 challenge comes in! This is a national call to save the UK's charities from big to small (like us!) The 2.6 challenge is asking you to dream up an activity based around the numbers 2.6 or 26 (the distance in miles of a marathon!)

The good news is the challenge doesn't have to be sporty. It can be anything from holding a 26 team FIFA tornament, to baking 26 cakes or holding a 26-question virtual quiz night! All that’s required is your imagination!

While we're not all in a position to give money during these difficult times, it is still possible to find renewed purpose and take on new challenges. Setting a goal, however tough it seems, can be a healthy distraction from the news and some of the sad feelings we've all been having at times.

Whether you plan to raise money or just do it for fun, here are six ideas from us of ways to be more #TeamAddisons while we are in all staying at home.

1. Hold an online quiz for family and friends

With lots of ready made quizzes available online and all the new ways to have a video chat, why not become a quizmaster and entertain your relatives and friends with a few rounds of trivia questions?

2. Come up with the next ice bucket style challenge

Safety comes first here but there are many challenges out there that are a real giggle. From seeing how many cream crackers you can eat in 2.6 minutes without a glass of water to old favourites like having a bucket of water tipped over your head, you can have lots of fun with this if you choose something harmless.

3. Learn something new

Choose something you'd like to learn to do. It might be to play a tune on a new instrument, or to learn to juggle. Anything that could develop into a brand new hobby, could bring you a lot of joy and satisfaction.

4. Break a record

Again, do choose something that is safe to do at home, but a quick look at the Guinness Book of Records website and you could be taking on a simple challenge that gets you into the record book as the fastest or the best at something in the world!

5. A treadmill or garden runathon

It's heartbreaking when you've trained hard for an event, or on an app to reach a distance or other running goal, just to have the event cancelled. You can however try to recreate it, even in small chunks if you have some garden space, a treadmill or are able to use your outdoor exercise time.

6. Host a virtual coffee morning

If tea, cake and good company are more your thing, then get all the gang together online. Learn how to use the online video apps, brew up an get talking. Share your best recipes for treats and while away the hours together.

Whatever you decide, the priority is to stay safe. If you are able to fundraise, you can do so at a safe social distance by setting up fundraising page on our website or by creating a quick fundraiser on Facebook, Justgiving or Virgin Money Giving.

Whether you raise funds or not, please send us your #TeamAddisons photos and stories to [email protected] as we'd love to hear from you and share your adventures with our Addison's community!