On Sunday 24th March, our 20 amazing #TeamAddisons runners pounded around Central London in aid of Addison's Disease, supported by our lovely, noisy supporters cheering on from the Embankment. The London Landmarks Half-Marathon brings over 13,000 runners together to dash around the streets of the City of London & Westminster, in aid of charity.

The weather was kind. The sun shone. Legs ached. But everyone made it - well done!

A big round of applause to our runners - can you help boost their fundraising efforts? Simply click a name below to make a contribution!


"I’m running for Addison’s as my 15 year old daughter was diagnosed last year and really felt I wanted to give something back. Training is going well, I’ve run 10 miles now so I’m confident I will be able to complete he half. I do bootcamp 3 times per week and try to also run 2-3 times per week (but normally shorted runs). "


"The importance of assisting the ADSHG in working with medics towards early diagnosis of the condition especially in children and young people. Time isn’t important… I just want to get to the finishing line."


"Due to the fact that Addison's Disease is a rare disease with just 9,000 sufferers in UK and Ireland it has at times been a real struggle to get the medical support she has desperately needed. The Addison’s Disease Self-Help Group has been a great source of information and support for Ríoghnach in helping her deal with and better understand the Disease. For that reason I along with my sister in law, Aisling are going to run the London Landmark’s Half Marathon on 24th March to raise awareness and money for this great charity."

Daniel K (pictured above with Mum, Deana)

"Alongside training for this half I am also getting ready for a triathlon in September!"


"I began running last January and was looking for the next challenge and as my cousin has Addison’s disease this was the perfect combination. I’m doing a hilly 10km race tomorrow as the next step in my training and hoping to do 15km one day next week. I was very excited when my Landmarks backpack and race number arrived this week. My race number is 10228! Look out for me in wave 5."

Alex & Jessica

"Alex and I have been lifelong friends. I was diagnosed with primary Addison’s disease when I was 19. She’s watched me go from strength to strength since diagnosis and I’ve been able to get a healthy balance of my Addisons and type 1 diabetes. I’m running this in support of ADSHG because I’ve attended many of their talks and learnt some vital hints and tips in order to manage my condition. Alex is simply running because she’s a fab friend! She’s always been so supportive. Although, we’re both novice runners we’re raising money for a fantastic charity and I’m sure we’re going to have lots of fun together along the way!"


"Inspired by my sister's determination to raise awareness for this charity despite her ongoing health concerns, my brother-in-law and I have decided to take on this challenge in her honour. We have been training since the start of the year and running through every type of weather. We have struggled through injury and motivation, but are on track to run/skip/walk or even drag ourselves across the finish line. Please dig deep and donate to this wonderful cause and support us on our couch to half marathon journey."

Plus :

Daniel S 




Here are just some of the pictures from the day. Check out our CEO's Twitter feed and our Twitter feed for more race-day fun, pictures & videos.