On Tuesday 2nd October, from 7-8pm we were at our computers hosting another #AddisonsQA Twitter chat. This time we were discussing one of our most requested topics - exercise and steroid dependency.

We were delighted to have an expert panel of 8 join us, consisting of consultant endocrinologists, specialist endocrine nurses and 4 ADSHG members, ready to answer our #AddisonsQA questions! There was fantastic interaction between everyone who joined us so thank you to all who made it such an interesting and informative conversation.

Below we’ve included the 6 questions we asked our experts, and some of the great advice and tips sent in by medics and people living with Addison’s.

The key pieces of advice we took away were:

The conversation online showed how a little bit of reading and learning can really help in managing your personal fitness goals with Addison’s and knowing what to do ‘just in case’, helping to provide peace of mind. 

We are very grateful to all who gave their Tuesday evening to join us for a great tweet chat and for raising awareness of adrenal insufficiency. Thank you!

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Q1. What is the best thing a steroid dependent patient can do to ensure a healthy lifestyle?

Q2. Are there any steps a patient with steroid dependence needs to take before undertaking exercise?

When taking on a new sport or challenge, it’s important to be prepared. Watch our step by step video on giving an emergency injection here.

The steroid alert bracelet and emergency cards for wallets mentioned in our Twitter chat are available from our online website - click here to shop.

Q3. And what considerations are there for a steroid dependent patient who is undertaking intense exercise/an extreme challenge?

Q4. Do less intense forms of exercise like gardening and walking require any special considerations for people with Addison’s?

Whether you are looking to improve your fitness or regularly engage in sports, Dr Rob Andrews offers some instructive advice on medication for exercise in his article on our website. To read please click here.

Q5. What should a steroid dependent patient do in the event of injury?

If you are injured and in adrenal crisis extra steroid medication is required immediately. Click here to go to our emergency help page for more information.

Do you have a copy of our adrenal crisis letter in your sports bag? These emergency guidelines give medical treatment guidance for paramedics or hospital staff in the event of an adrenal crisis. Download for free here. 

Q6. What other considerations are there for those who have other conditions alongside Addison’s when undertaking exercise?

If you would like to continue the conversation with other's living with Addison's disease, visit the Fitness Focus section on our online forum. Members share first-hand accounts of how they managed their Addison's while training and reaching their exercise goals. Click here to find out more.

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Want to read more? Whether you are looking to improve your fitness or regularly engage in sports, Dr Rob Andrews offers some instructive advice on medication for exercise over on our blog.

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