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If you are unable to access the forum please try these steps

  • 1. Check that you are a current member. You need to join the ADSHG to access our member forum. 
  • 2. Allow time for your membership payment to be processed prior to accessing the forum if you've joined or renewed today. This can take a few hours for those paying by card and longer if paying by Direct Debit as we await your payment.
  • 3. Try signing into our forum using our quick access forum sign in link.
  • 4. Check if your password is correct. If you have lost your password, use our online forum password reset service
  • 5. Contact contact our ADSHG Membership Team to check we have the correct email address for you and will help with any other things that could be stopping you gaining access.

Found yourself stuck on our forum shop page?

Please  contact our ADSHG Membership Team as we now have a fix for this issue that affected a small number of members.