Healthcare professionals in the UK refer to the JCVI's 'Green Book' when adding patients into priority groups for vaccinations. In the July 2021 update to the dedicated chapter on Covid-19, Addison's disease has been added to a risk group that should receive COVID-19 immunisation.

The ADSHG welcomes this new development. Featuring in the Green Book in this way gives hope of greater support for those with Addison's Disease in future prioritisations for any Covid-19 booster vaccines that might be rolled out in the coming months. It should be noted that 'adrenal insufficiency isn't specifically mentioned in the updated chapter. We will continue to push for this clarification.

Download or print the above page from the JCVI Green Book

News of this update comes after the JCVI notified us in May this year that in their view, Addison's Disease / adrenal insufficiency should be in vaccine prioritisation 'band 6'. It took some time for GP systems and processes to incoporate this guidance, resulting in mixed results for people in our community in accessing the vaccine during the Band 6 rollout earlier this year. Our Clinical Panel issued a statement in support of vaccine prioritisation for people with adrenal insuficiency to assist those not placed in a a priority grouping by their healthcare team.

Early in the pandemic we advised, on our dedicated Covid-19 advice page that athough those with adrenal insufficiency weren't at greater risk of catching Covid-19, they could become more severely unwell, and possibly have an adrenal crisis if they developed coronavirus. We continue to recommend vaccination to people with Adrenal Insufficiency. We will keep you informed of any firm plans set out by UK and ROI governments around further Covid-19 vaccination programmes on our decidated ADSHG vaccines page.

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