Join us on Wednesday 29 May for Addison's Disease Day 2024!

Mark the date in your diary and join us in raising awareness whilst celebrating our incredible community. Read on for how you can get involved.

We can't make #AddisonsDiseaseDay a success without you. Every share, every challenge started, every penny donated helps. Together we will help improve the lives of those with Addison's disease and adrenal insufficiency. 

#AddisonsDiseaseDay – share & educate

If you have plans for 29 May or would like to feature Addison's Disease Day in your publication, podcast or blog - get in touch and we can support your feature. 

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Could you host an Addison's Afternoon Tea?

Celebrate our 40th Anniversary by hosting an 'Addison’s Afternoon Tea' this May. Your event will be an opportunity to bring people together whilst raising vital awareness in the lead up to Addison’s Disease Day on 29 May.

Learn more about Addison's Afternoon Tea

Make a stand! Addison's awareness in your hospital

Every year we encourage you to set up awareness stands in hospitals or medical practices, to educate others on this rare condition and the needs of a steroid-dependent person.

Download our leaflet to learn more and how we can support you, whether you're an Endocrine Nurse wanting to set up a stand, or a patient wanting to ask your hospital to get involved. For inspiration, read Endocrine Clinical Nurse Specialist Joanne Brown's blog and hear her top tips for creating your own awareness stand!

Make our voice stronger - join our charity

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We're here to help you live better with Addison’s day in, day out and your support through membership directly helps us achieve this. 

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Fundraise or start a challenge of your own?

Your donations help raise much needed awareness of this rare condition. Just £5 could help teach someone about symptoms and potentially save their life. So how can you help? If you'd like to take on a fundraising challenge for Addison's Disease Day, ahead of the day please get in touch so we have time to send you our charity pack, charity top and support you in your fundraiser. 

Fundraising Ideas

Why 29th May? 29th May would have been John F Kennedy’s birthday. The US President managed his Addison's disease and other autoimmune conditions in secret, read more on our blog. As arguably the most well-known public figure with Addison's, John F Kennedy’s birthday is a fitting date for us to raise awareness and celebrate the achievements of people with Addison's and adrenal insufficiency. 

Stay tuned for updates on our plans for Addison's Disease Day 2024!

Thank you for your support. For press and media enquiries, please visit our Media Centre for more resources.