17th May 2020

A group of our regular social meeting hosts gathered at the weekend to recreate a get-together online. Sharing their own personal experiences and taking part in injection practise supervised by Lisa who is an endocrine specialist nurse and ADSHG trustee.

It wouldn't be an online event without a little technical hitch, but after some work behind the scenes our broadcast premiered on our forum on Saturday 16th May.

During the hour Jennifer, Nigel and Margaret discussed the medications they take and and why the types of tablets we are prescribed are often different. 

After recent illness, Kathryn lead a discussion with Meg on how to manage your Addison's Disease or Adrenal Insufficient when ill including the Sick Day Rules.

Emergency kits were shared and it was interesting to see all the different things the hosts had all chosen to use and how or where they stored them.

An essential the hosts were asked to bring along was an orange. Lisa explained how it is very similar to the areas of the body where an emergency injection can be completed. A demonstration followed that was an education to all!

Hospital meeting coordinator Gill said it was "An enjoyable couple of hours though and hopefully it will help others to feel less alone with their condition".

Glasgow host and ADSHG fundraiser Jennifer told us "I'd be more than happy to take part in something similar in the future. I'm already planning a zoom meeting for my Glasgow group."

The broadcast is now available for members to watch on demand on our forum.

Look out for future online meetings to keep us all informed and connected over the coming weeks and months.

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