In 2017, Professor Weibke Arlt, a member of our Clinical Advisory Panel, published research about Addison's and natural killer cells. In recent weeks, it's gone viral in light of the COVID-19 outbreak. We asked her to give her perspectives on what that means for us. She kindly tweeted her responses yesterday.

The publication 'Primary adrenal insufficiency is associated with impaired natural killer cell function: a potential link to increased mortality.' The study undertook a 'cross-sectional study of 42 patients with PAI due to autoimmune adrenalitis or bilateral adrenalectomy and 58 sex- and age-matched controls'.

So what is Professor Arlt's advice for people with Addison's in the current climate? We've collated her thoughts on this below for those without a Twitter account.


We are grateful to Professor Arlt for responding with her view on the research and its implications.

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