ADSHG 'In aid of' Fundraising Guidance
What is 'In aid of' fundraising?
When you start and run your own fundraising activity in support of the ADSHG, this is known as an 'In aid of' fundraising activity. An 'in aid of' fundraiser as defined in the Institution of Fundraising code of practice:
'A volunteer acting in aid of an organisation should have no authority to act in its name, and it should be clear that the volunteer is simply raising funds for the organisation but acting in his or her own capacity. An organisation will not then generally be responsible for the volunteer's acts.'
All of your fundraising should make it clear that you are fundraising 'in aid of the ADSHG' but that you do not represent the charity (i.e. you are not an employee nor have you entered into a legally binding contract). Please make sure your fundraising materials (things like posters, leaflets and signs) include the following line:
‘In aid of the Addison's Disease Self-Help Group, registered as Charity number 1179825. All proceeds to the ADSHG.'

Safe and legal fundraising

We follow the Fundraising Code and are registered with the Fundraising Regulator. This means that we need to help you fundraise in a lawful way. We may ask you to complete a fundraising agreement. You’ll need a Fundraising Agreement with us if you: 

  • Want to use the ADSHG or ADSHG logo or merchandise for your fundraising 
  • Are raising money through a business or selling something - see below section about Sales Fundraising
  • Will be running a raffle or auction
  • Will be selling event tickets
  • Are receiving a reward for fundraising for us
  • Are deducting any amount from donations to cover costs, or 
  • Are splitting the money raised between the ADSHG and another charity/charities. 

Don't worry, we will help you complete the agreement and get you up and running, or quizzing, or baking or whatever you're doing to raise funds for the ADSHG. If you don’t have a Fundraising Agreement, you’ll need to cover any costs or expenses involved in your fundraising event or activity. 

Contact our ADSHG fundraising team before you being fundraising for us

Sales Fundraising

If you run a business, are a sole trader or create things to sell and would like all or some of the proceeds from your sales to go to the ADSHG please visit our Work For Good page to get started. Work for Good help us set up agreements with sellers and can provide you with lots of advice on getting the best results from your sales fundraising.

Costs incurred in connection to your fundraising activity

Before the event, please plan a budget, as the ADSHG cannot be held responsible for any costs, taxes, or expenses incurred or arising in connection with your fundraising activity. You’ll need to cover any costs or expenses involved in your fundraising event or activity. 
You must not use donations or monies raised to pay for costs, taxes or expenses in relation to your fundraising activity or future planned activities.
If you are selling tickets, products or other services as part of your fundraising you must first set up a Commercial Participator Agreement with our ADSHG fundraising team before you being fundraising. Contact the ADSHG fundraising team.
Collecting cash
We encourage our fundraisers to set up a fundraising page online (on our website or with platforms like Enthuse or Just Giving where donations can be paid in direct by donors. If you are collecting any cash please obtain the correct permissions and/or licences before carrying out any collections (usually from the local council or land-owner). Please do not fundraise door-to-door or by standing in high streets collecting from passers-by as our insurance will not cover you to do so. You can review The Institute of Fundraising’s guidelines for more information. 
Please ensure you comply with our Cash Handling Policy by:
- ensuring two trusted persons are present when accessing funds and counting
- advising us of any planned expense deductions prior to doing so
- asking our fundraising team about the best way to pay in monies collected - and paying monies in within two weeks of the fundraising activity.
Fundraiser conduct
Please remember that as you are using the ADSHG brand, the general public will associate you with our cause, and therefore your conduct (i.e. behaviour and language) will also reflect on us.
  • Please do not smoke or drink alcohol while wearing or using ADSHG branded clothing or merchandise.
  • You will need to ensure there is an adult (over 18) present at any collection at all times.
  • It’s great to encourage people to support, but please do not use shaking of the buckets as a means to get someone’s attention.
  • Please do not approach anyone; allow people to come to you.
  • Please ensure you are wearing appropriate clothing for the location and date/time of your collection.
Please direct people to our the ADSHG website if:
  • they make an enquiry about Addison's Disease or any of our services
  • they wish to donate online, by cheque or by online banking
  • they have had a previous issue with ADSHG and wish to make a complaint 
  • you are asked any other questions that you do not feel comfortable answering
If you're approached by someone who has Addison's Disease and needs ADSHG's support, please be clear that you are not qualified to give advice and instead direct them to our ADSHG website.
Raffles, prize draws and auctions
Raffles, prize draws and auctions are are subject to gambling legislation. If you are planning to sell tickets over several days, you may need a licence. Check in with the Gambling Commission to make sure you are keeping within the rules.
Corporate fundraising
If you are selling tickets, products or other services as part of your fundraising you must first set up a Commercial Participator Agreement with our ADSHG fundraising team before you being fundraising. Contact the ADSHG fundraising team.
It’s up to you to protect the health and safety of everyone taking part in or attending your fundraising activity. 
You agree to comply with all health and safety rules, guidance and protocols (including, without limitation, any protocols issued in relation to Covid-19 and/or by the UK government). 
Any risks around your fundraising activity are your responsibility, including liability for injury to yourself, your helpers or your guests. 
You must comply with any applicable laws and regulations relating to your fundraising activity. This includes getting any necessary licences, consent or permissions for your event or activities, for instance, if you’re holding a raffle or selling alcohol. 
The ADSHG's insurance policy won’t cover your fundraising activity. You should always consider whether you need insurance cover for your fundraising activity. If necessary, carry out a risk assessment and make sure everyone taking part is fully briefed about the activity. 
You will not do anything that threatens or negatively impacts the ADSHG's reputation or name. If you do, without prejudice to the ADSHG's other rights, the ADSHG has the right to ask you to stop your fundraising activity immediately. 
As well as following our guidelines, please make sure you stay safe, legal and considerate while fundraising. Your fundraising should be inclusive and should not cause offence or discriminate against any group. If you’d like to check if your activity is appropriate, get in touch.