On Saturday 29th February 2020, from 3pm we were tapping away on our keyboards and phone hosting another #AddisonsQA Twitter chat. This time we were discussing a topic raised by members at last year's AGM - families and carers

We were delighted to have an expert panel join us, consisting of consultant endocrinologists, specialist endocrine nurses and ADSHG members, ready to answer our #AddisonsQA questions!

With Rare Disease Day trending on Twitter and thousands of posts on the social media platform about all kinds of conditions, our Addison's theme chat was lively, supportive and informative. Thank you to everyone who joined in and shared their views and questions.

Below we’ve included the 6 questions we asked our experts and some of the great advice and tips sent in by medics and people living with Addison’s.

The key pieces of advice we took away were:

We are very grateful to all who gave their Saturday afternoon to join us for a great tweet chat and for raising awareness of adrenal insufficiency. Thank you!

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Q1. What do you see as the main challenges for parents and carers in looking after close ones who have Addison’s disease?

Q2. What steps can parents or carers of patients with Addison’s to ensure the condition is properly managed?

Q3. Do you have any tips for dealing with the pressures of caring for someone with Addison’s?

Q4. What does a parent or carer need to bear in mind where the patient has other conditions?

Q5. How can parents and carers of those with Addison’s help the patient move towards self-managing their condition?