ADSHG hospital folder

For elective surgery or emergency admittance, this Hospital Folder contains pre-printed copies of medical care guidelines written by the ADSHG's Clinical Advisory Panel. All contained in a handy ziplock folder, this give you easy access to share this information with all hospital staff - from the anaesthetist/surgeon before any procedure, with A&E staff in the event of an emergency admittance and with ward nursing staff.

Product: an A5 clear plastic ziplock splash proof bag with alert cover note. Folder contains: 

  • 2 ADSHG surgical guidelines
  • 2 ADSHG emergency crisis letters
  • 4 ADSHG drugs chart steroid alert stickers 
  • 1 ADSHG medical summary form 
  • 2 Nursing the Addison’s patient: notes for nurses leaflets
  • 2 How to avoid precipitating an acute adrenal crisis leaflets

These publications are available for free download from our website. However, we encourage you to ensure you keep one or more of these handy self-contained hospital folders on hand, should you be admitted to hospital.

If these are ever out of stock, please print our leaflets and guidance and put them in a folder, envelope or staple them together. 

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If you are worried about an hospital admission, read our advice article for more information about being prepared. Remember you can also speak to others on our online forum if you would like to hear from people with Addison's or adrenal insufficiency first hand. 

Preparing for hospital admission advice