Emergency Injection Kit (Adult) UK and ROI Only

While this is out of stock, please see our guide to preparing your own emergency kit.

The ADSHG Adult emergency injection kit - large case contains 5x retracting needle integrated safety syringes, 5x Amp snaps for ease of opening glass vials and concertina photo instructions in a sturdy, handle-lidded box. Needle/syringe size also suitable for children 6+ years for intramuscular injection.

Large adult kit comprises:

  • Plastic carry box with handle-secured lid (22 x 10 x 4cm)
  • Vinyl label Emergency injection kit on lid
  • 5x retracting needle integrated safety syringes* with 1 inch (25mm) x 25G needle
  • Needle length suitable for upper arm or thigh
  • 3mL syringe capacity suitable for Solu-Cortef (2mL) or hydrocortisone sodium phosphate (1mL)
  • 5x disposable Amp Snaps (for opening glass vial)
  • Concertina-folded photo instructions for Solu-Cortef© and hydrocortisone sodium phosphate, prepared with the ADSHG's lead endocrine nurse adviser

* VanishPoint® or BD brand safety syringes may be supplied, depending on size/availability.

Note: Solu-Cortef© and hydrocortisone sodium phosphate drug preparations not included - prescription only from your GP. We are unable to ship this item outside the UK and Republic of Ireland.