Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) - 24/06/2020

Our medics have been keeping an eye on the emerging situation. Read more

New Video: Managing medication and COVID-19

In our latest video, ADSHG Trustee and Professor of Endocrinology explains how to manage your medication should you get ill in the coming weeks. Read more

New NHS Steroid Card Released

The Society of Endocrinology, RCP and NHSE/NHSI have confirmed the early release of their new NHS Emergency Steroid Card. Read more

Preparing for Brexit when you have Addisons or Adrenal Insufficency - 13/11/2019

Although uncertainty continues about the timing and likelihood of Brexit taking place, it's worth being prepared for the possibility of the Britain leaving the EU when you have Addison's or Adrenal Insufficiency. Read more

Addison's wins Commended in the 2019 BMA Patient Information Awards. - 25/09/2019

We’re delighted to announce "Living with Addison's Disease – A Guide For People With Addison's, Supporters and Professionals", has been commended by the 2019 BMA Patient Information Awards. Read more

An update on our websites - 13/08/2019

We launched our new website, earlier this year. Since then you’ve been sharing your thoughts and ideas about how we can improve it. Read more

Paramedic Training for Adrenal Crisis Management - 14/05/2019

Our aim with this project was to reach as many paramedics and ambulance crews as possible, all over the country, with a seminar focusing on adrenal crisis and emergency management of Addison’s. Read more

Facing Addison's - 17/03/2019

As part of our drive to raise awareness of Addison’s Disease, we’ve started a project which will culminate with an exhibition and book - Facing Addison’s. Our collaborator is award-winning photographer Lucy Sewill, best known for her perceptive portraits of major British celebrities. Read more

Post-Brexit Medicines Supply : No Need To Panic - 24/01/2019

Over recent weeks, people have become increasingly alarmed about media stories of Brexit-related shortages of medicines. Read more

A look ahead at 2019 - 21/01/2019

Last December, we conducted our largest membership survey, ever. Over 600 members shared their thoughts on how we are doing - and where we can improve. Read more

A Successful SfE Conference for ADSHG - 19/11/2018

The Society for Endocrinology invited the Addison's Disease Self-Help Group to their annual meeting Glasgow on 19th-21st November 2018 to help raise awareness of adrenal insufficiency amongst clinicians. Read more

Raising Awareness of Addison's At BSPED - 12/11/2018

Our aim in attending was to raise awareness of Addison's Disease amongst the medical fraternity and to participate in related symposium discussions. Read more